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News and Events
 1. Radiation Issues Surrounding Very High Energy Ion Implantation .

Two papers were given on this subject, both based on older data but consolidated and made public for the first time. The primary focus is the possible production of neutron radiation by high energy beams. Implantation is generally a very safe process, since the known hazards are easily controlled and mitigated, but it would be possible to accelerate beams producing hazardous radiation if the safe limits were not understood.
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2. New patented method of controlling the uniformity of ribbon beams. This technology has been tested, and the patent, US 7,078,713 was issued on June 18, 2006.
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Ribbon beam

 3.  New method of decelerating ions for fabricating ultra-shallow junctions in silicon devices: Chicane Deceleration. Patent pending. This method has been thoroughly tested, and a rigorous paper was presented at IIT 2006.
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[Motorcyles in chicane]

 4. Co-author of paper at Ion Implantation Technology 2002 in Taos, New Mexico, September 23 2002.

Advances in Optical Densitometry for Low Dose Measurements
Ray Kuzbyt, Ron Eddy, Core Systems Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Nicholas R. White, Albion Systems,Manchester, MA , USA
Raymond Callahan, Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Gloucester, MA, USA.

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This tool produces maps with phenomenal spatial and dose resolution. It maps wafer dose with a sensitivity of ~0.7. The implant is extremely uniform, yet look at the 0.18% contours, which reproduce faithfully if re-scanned.  A 32000 point image is scanned in 2 minutes.